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ARCH – Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures v3.0


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The Course Name: ARCH - Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures v3.0


The Overview:


The purpose of this course is to teach participants how to perform the conceptual, intermediate, and detailed design of a network infrastructure which supports desired network solutions over intelligent network services  in order to achieve effective performance, scalability, and availability.


The Course Duration: 5 Days


What You Will Learn:


  •         Cisco Network Architectures for the Enterprise and how this concept  should address enterprise network needs in order to increase and obtain performance, scalability, and availability
  •         Cisco Network Architectures for the Enterprise users as a framework to design enterprise networks
  •         Enterprise campus network designs
  •         Enterprise data center designs
  •         Enterprise edge and remote infrastructure designs
  •         Network service designs for security considerations
  •         VPN designs


The Course Index:


Cisco Network Architectures for the Enterprise

  •         Network Architectures for the Enterprise
  •         Cisco PPDIOO Approach

Enterprise Campus Network Design

  •         High Availability in the Enterprise Campus
  •         Layer 2 Design Recommendations
  •         Layer 3 Design Recommendations
  •         Designing the Layer 2-to-Layer 3 Boundary
  •         Enterprise Network Virtualization Technologies
  •         Infrastructure Services Considerations

Advanced Addressing and Routing Design

  •         Advanced Addressing Design
  •         Advanced Routing Design
  •         Scalable EIGRP Design
  •         Scalable OSPF Design
  •         Scalable BGP Design

Advanced WAN Services Design Considerations

  •         Optical Technologies for WANs
  •         Using Metro Ethernet, VPLS, and MPLS VPN Technologies
  •         Advanced WAN Service Implementations

Enterprise Data Center Design

  •         Core and Aggregation Layer Design
  •         Access Layer Design
  •         Scaling the Data Center Architecture
  •         Spanning-Tree Sizing and High Availability

E-Commerce Module Design

  •         Common Component Designs for the E-Commerce Module
  •         Integrated e-Commerce Designs

SAN Design Considerations

  •         SAN Components and Technologies
  •         SAN and SAN Extension Design
  •         Integrated Fabric Designs Using Cisco Nexus Technology

Security Services Design

  •         Firewall Design Considerations
  •         Network Admission Control Design
  •         Intrusion Detection and Prevention Designs

IPsec and SSL VPN Design

  •         Remote Access VPN Design
  •         Site-to-Site VPN Design
  •         IPsec VPN Technologies
  •         VPN Management and Scaling

IP Multicast Design

  •         IP Multicast
  •         PIM and RP Considerations
  •         IP Multicast Security

Network Management Capabilities with Cisco IOS Software

  •         Embedded Management Capabilities
  •         NetFlow Considerations
  •         NBAR Considerations
  •         IP SLA Considerations

ROUTE - Implementing Cisco IP Routing v2.0

  •         Basic Network and Routing Concepts
  •         Differentiating Routing Protocols
  •         Understanding Network Technologies
  •         Connecting Remote Locations with the Headquarters
  •         Implementing RIPng
  •         EIGRP Implementation
  •         Establishing EIGRP Neighbor Relationships
  •         Building the EIGRP Topology Table
  •         Optimizing EIGRP Behavior
  •         Configuring EIGRP for IPv6
  •         Discovering Named EIGRP Configuration
  •         OSPF Implementation
  •         Establishing OSPF Neighbor Relationship
  •         Building the Link State Database
  •         Optimizing OSPF Behavior
  •         Configuring OSPFv3
  •         Configuration of Redistribution
  •         Implementing Basic Routing Protocol Redistribution
  •         Manipulating Redistribution Using Route Filtering
  •         Path Control Implementation
  •         Using Cisco Express Forwarding Switching
  •         Implementing Path Control
  •         Enterprise Internet Connectivity
  •         Planning Enterprise Internet Connectivity
  •         Establishing Single-Homed IPv4 Internet Connectivity
  •         Establishing Single-Homed IPv6 Internet Connectivity
  •         Improving Resilience of Internet Connectivity
  •         Considering Advantages of Using BGP
  •         Implementing Basic BGP Operations
  •         Using BGP Attributes and Path Selection Process
  •         Controlling BGP Routing Updates
  •         Implementing BGP for IPv6 Internet Connectivity
  •         Routers and Routing Protocol Hardening
  •         Securing Cisco Routers
  •         Describing Routing Protocol Authentication Options
  •         Configuring EIGRP Authentication
  •         Configuring OSPF Authentication

Configuring BGP Authentication

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