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CLDADM – Introducing Cisco Cloud Administration


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The Course Name: CLDADM - Introducing Cisco Cloud Administration


The Duration : 5 Days


The Overview:


The purpose of this course is to teach participants how to perform the essentials of cloud administration and operations.

What You Will Learn:


  •      How to identify the components of the Cisco Cloud management software solution
  •      How to understand the fundamentals of Cloud infrastructure administration
  •      How to describe reporting and charge-back
  •      How to provision Clouds using pre-configured templates
  •      How to perform Cloud management, monitoring and remediation

The Course Index:


  1. Cisco Cloud Technologies Overview
  •       Cloud Environments
  •       The Virtual Infrastructure
  •       Cisco UCS Director Overview
  •       Cisco Cloud Solution
  1. Cisco Cloud Administration
  •       Administering the Portal in Cisco UCS Director
  •       VM Operations in Cisco UCS Director
  •       Cisco PSC Services
  1. Cisco Cloud Provisioning
  •       Deploying Cisco UCS Templates with Cisco UCS Director
  •       Cisco UCS Director Application Containers
  •       Cisco Virtual Application Container Services Basics
  1. Cloud Systems Management and Monitoring
  •       System Monitoring in Cisco UCS Director
  •       Monitoring Dashboards in Cisco UCS Director
  •       Reporting in Cisco UCS Director (CloudSense)
  •       Creating Budget and Resource Limits in Cisco UCS Director
  •       Cisco UCS Performance Manager
  1. Cloud Remediation
  •      Configuring Serviceability Options
  •      Logs for Root Cause Analysis
  •      Backup Cisco UCS Director Configurations

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