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CLDAUT – Automating the Cisco Enterprise Cloud


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The Course Name: CLDAUT - Automating the Cisco Enterprise Cloud


The Course Duration: 5 Days


The Overview:


The purpose of this course is to teach participants how to automate and manage both private and hybrid clouds using the processes, applications and products of the Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite.


What You Will Learn:


  •       Cisco’s architectural components of the data center to support the infrastructure of a  

private cloud IaaS

  •       The Service offerings with Cisco PSC
  •       How to automate network services in a private IaaS cloud
  •       Lifecycle management and application provisioning in the cloud
  •       How to use the ICF to manage the workloads in the hybrid cloud

The Course Index:


  1. Manage Private Cloud Infrastructure for IaaS
  •      Cloud Automation and Management
  •      Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite and Cloud Management
  •      Managing Devices for a Cloud Tenant Using Cisco UCS Director
  •      Managing Infrastructure Policies for IaaS Using Cisco UCS Director
  •      Managing VDCs in Cisco UCS Director
  •      Managing Workflows in an IaaS Tenant Cloud
  •      Managing Self-Service Provisioning in Cisco UCS Director
  •      Summary
  •      Self-Check
  1. Manage Private IaaS Catalog with Cisco PSC
  •      Publishing Cisco UCS Director Services in Cisco PSC
  •      Ordering IaaS Services as an End User Using Cisco PSC
  •      Summary
  •      Self-Check
  1. Cisco VACS for Provisioning Private IaaS with Network Automation
  •      Cisco VACS
  •      Policies for Containers
  •      Creating a Cisco VACS 3-Tier Internal Template Automation
  •      Creating a Cisco VACS 3-Tier External Template Automation
  •      Publishing Discovered Cisco VACS Services in Cisco PSC
  •      Summary
  •      Self-Check
  1. Application Provisioning and Lifecycle Management
  •      Ordering a Virtual Server Using Cisco PSC
  •      Ordering a Physical Server Using Cisco PSC
  •      Ordering a Multi-Tier Application Container Using Cisco PSC
  •      Managing Application Containers
  •      Manage Lifecycles of Cloud Resources
  •      Managing Snapshots
  •      Summary
  •      Self-Check
  1. Manage Intercloud Fabric Connectivity for IaaS in Hybrid Cloud
  •      Configuring Intercloud Fabric Connectivity
  •      Managing VM Templates to Deploy New Workloads
  •      Managing Intercloud Fabric Infrastructure
  •      Managing Routing Policies for Secure VM Communication in the Hybrid Cloud
  •      Summary
  •      Self-Check




Lab 1: Create a Multitenant Cloud in Cisco UCS Director

Lab 2: Configure and Manage Policies for Multitenant Cloud in Cisco UCS Director

Lab 3: Manage VDCs and VDC Applications

Lab 4: Create Workflow Parameters in Cisco UCS Director

Lab 5: Creating a Cisco UCS Director Workflow for Baremetal Provisioning

Lab 6: Clone Container Policies

Lab 7: Configure Resource Pools

Lab 8: Managing Cisco VACS 3- Tier Internal and External Templates

Lab 9: Configure and Manage Catalogs in Cisco UCS Director

Lab 10: Create Self-Service Provisioning Requirements in Cisco UCS Director

Lab 11: Discover Cisco UCS Director Catalogs and Templates, and Order VM or Application Stacks as an End User

Lab 12: Lifecycle Management with Cisco PSC

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