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DCICT – Introducing Cisco Data Center Technologies


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The Course Name:  DCICT - Introducing Cisco Data Center Technologies


The Duration: 5 Days


The Overview:


The purpose of this course is to teach participants the necessary skills and technologies including data center network virtualization, unified computing, data center automation and orchestration, and Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI).

What You Will Learn:

  •      How to describe switch virtualization
  •      How to describe machine virtualization
  •      How to describe network virtualization, including overlays, virtual switches, and the Cisco Nexus 1000V solution.
  •      How to describe Cisco FabricPath
  •      How to describe Cisco Fabric Extender (FEX) connectivity
  •      How to describe Ethernet port channels and virtual port channels (vPC)
  •      How to describe Cisco unified fabric
  •      Identify Cisco UCS components
  •      How to describe Cisco UCS organizational hierarchy and role-based access control (RBAC)
  •      How to describe how to deploy servers in Cisco UCS
  •      How to describe the purpose and advantages of application programming interfaces (API)
  •      How to describe cloud computing basic concepts
  •      How to describe Cisco UCS Director, its functional blocks and deployment models
  •      How to describe Cisco UCS Director Orchestration features: policies, virtual data centers, workflows, and catalogs.
  •      How to describe Cisco ACI, traffic forwarding through the Cisco ACI fabric, as well as programming and orchestration capabilities
  •      How to explain traffic forwarding mechanisms in Cisco ACI
  •      How to describe programmability and orchestration capabilities of Cisco ACI


Module 1: Cisco Data Center Network Virtualization

  •      Lesson 1: Describing Switch Virtualization
  •      Lesson 2: Describing Machine Virtualization
  •      Lesson 3: Describing Network Virtualization

Module 2: Cisco Data Center Network Technologies Configuration

  •      Lesson 1: Describing Cisco FabricPath
  •      Lesson 2: Describing Cisco Fabric Extender
  •      Lesson 3: Describing Port Channels and Virtual Port Channels
  •      Lesson 4: Describing Cisco Unified Fabric

Module 3: Cisco Unified Computing System

  •      Lesson 1: Describing Cisco UCS Components
  •      Lesson 2: Cisco UCS RBAC
  •      Lesson 3: Deploying Servers in Cisco UCS

Module 4: Data Center Automation and Orchestration

  •      Lesson 1: Using Application Programming Interfaces
  •      Lesson 2: Cloud Computing
  •      Lesson 3: Describing Cisco UCS Director
  •      Lesson 4: Using Cisco UCS Director for Orchestration

Module 5: Cisco Application-Centric Infrastructure

  •      Lesson 1: Describing Cisco ACI
  •      Lesson 2: Describing Cisco ACI Traffic Forwarding
  •      Lesson 3: Programming and Orchestrating Cisco ACI

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