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DCVAI –  Implementing Cisco Data Center Virtualization and Automation


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The Course Name: DCVAI -  Implementing Cisco Data Center Virtualization and Automation


The Course Duration: 5 Days


The Overview:


The purpose of this course is to teach participants how to implement and deploy automation of Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) and Cisco Nexus switches. It provides rich, hands-on experience building a data center solution.


What You Will Learn:


  •       How to describe two primary features to logically separate a physical switch.
  •       How to describe the Nexus 1000 virtual switch.
  •       How to describe programmability options on Cisco NX-OS.
  •       How to describe CLI features that simplify configuration management.
  •       How to use different scripting tools available with Cisco NX-OS.
  •       How to introduce the high-level concepts and describe the different fabric discovery parameters for Cisco ACI.
  •       How to create tenant-based policies for bare metal hosts.
  •       How to describe the integration of VM Manager Domains with Cisco ACI.
  •       How to describe how Cisco ACI supports multitfier applications.
  •       How to list Cisco ACI monitoring capabilities.
  •       How to describe Cisco ACI programmability and orchestration.
  •       How to describe vPC-based aggregation and availability.
  •       How to describe Cisco AVS, distributed firewall, and micro-segmentation.
  •       How to describe packet flows within the Cisco ACI.
  •       How to describe integrating Cisco ACI with external Layer 3 networks.
  •       How to outline the integration options with external Layer 2 networks.
  •       How to describe how L4–L7 services are inserted into the Cisco ACI fabric and how traffic is subsequently redirected.

The Course Index:

Module 1: Infrastructure Virtualization Implementation

  •      Lesson 1: Configuring Logical Device Separation
  •      Lesson 2: Configuring Virtual Switching Technology

Module 2: Cisco NX-OS Configuration Automation

  •      Lesson 1: Implementing Configuration Programmability
  •      Lesson 2: Implementing Configuration Profiles
  •      Lesson 3: Using Scripting Tools

Module 3: Application-Centric Infrastructure Overview

  •      Lesson 1: Introducing Cisco ACI

Module 4: Cisco ACI Building Blocks and Application Policies

  •       Lesson 1: Building Tenant-Based Policies with Bare-Metal Hosts
  •       Lesson 2: Describing VMM Domain Integration
  •       Lesson 3: Multitier Applications in Cisco ACI

Module 5: Cisco ACI Manageability and Programmability

  •       Lesson 1: Monitoring and Managing Cisco ACI
  •       Lesson 2: Describing Cisco ACI Programmability and Orchestration

Module 6: Cisco ACI Enhanced Features

  •       Lesson 1: Describing vPC
  •       Lesson 2: Deploying Cisco AVS

Module 7: Cisco ACI Networking

  •      Lesson 1: Describing Packet Flow Internal to the ACI Fabric
  •      Lesson 2: Describing External Layer 3 Network Integration
  •      Lesson 3: Describing External Layer 2 Network Integration
  •      Lesson 4: Configuring Service Insertion and Redirection




Lab 1: Implement Cisco NX-OS Configuration Automation

Lab 2: Discover and Initialize ACI Fabric

Lab 3: Implement Cisco ACI Fabric Connectivity for Bare-Metal Hosts

Lab 4: Implement Cisco ACI Fabric Connectivity for VMs

Lab 5: Implement Application Policies

Lab 6: Implement Inter-Tenant Connectivity

Lab 7: Program Cisco APIC Using Python and Arya

Lab 8: Implement vPC to Hypervisors

Lab 9: Deploy Cisco AVS and Microsegmentation

Lab 10: Enable Connectivity to External Layer 3 Networks

Lab 11: Enable Connectivity to External Layer 2 Networks

Lab 12: Provision Layer 2 Extension Using Cisco UCS Director

Lab 13: Deploy Service Graph ASA NGFW

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