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ENSDW-SD-WAN Operation and Deployment v1.0


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The Course Name: ENSDW - Cisco SD-WAN Operation and Deployment v1.0

The Course Duration: 14 Hours / 2 days

The Overview:
The purpose of this course is to teach participants how to create, manage, and operate a secure extensible network using Cisco SD-WAN products. The course covers how to configure, operate, and monitor overlay routing in a secure extensible network. Students will also learn about policies and quality of service (QoS) in the SD-WAN overlay network.

What You Will Learn
How to identify the various components and architecture of the Cisco SD-WAN solution.
How to deploy vEdge routers in a secure extensible network.
How to create templates to aide in the deployment and operation of the secure extensible network.
How to configure and verify overlay routing in the secure extensible network.
How to create simple policies to control traffic flow in the secure extensible network.
The Course Index:
Module 1: SD-WAN Solution Components
Lesson 1: SD-WAN Solution Overview
Lesson 2: SD-WAN Components
Lesson 3: Managing SD-WAN Components
Module 2: Secure Extensible Network Deployment
Lesson 1: Secure Control Plane Operation
Lesson 2: Secure Control Plane Deployment
Lesson 3: Secure Data Plane Operation
Lesson 4: Cloud Deployments and Redundancy
Module 3: SD-WAN Template Deployment
Lesson 1: Templates Overview
Lesson 2: Feature Templates
Lesson 3: Device Templates
Lesson 4: Attaching Devices to Templates
Module 4: SD-WAN Overlay Routing
Lesson 1: Overlay Routing Overview
Lesson 2: OMP Route Advertisements
Lesson 3: OMP Route Redistribution and Network Segmentation
Lesson 4: Configuring and Verifying Overlay Routing
Module 5: SD-WAN Policies and QoS
Lesson 1: Policy Overview and Framework
Lesson 2: vSmart Policy Operation and Construction
Lesson 3: Forwarding and QoS Overview
Lesson 4: Configuring and Monitoring QoS Forwarding

Lab 1: Manage and Monitor SD-WAN Components
Lab 2: Deploy and Verify SD-WAN vEdge Routers
Lab 3: Deploy SD-WAN Templates
Lab 4: SD-WAN Overlay Routing
Lab 5: SD-WAN Policies

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