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IMRMDBH – Implementing MapReduce and Mango DB on Hadoop


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The Course Name : IMRMDBH - Implementing MapReduce and Mango DB on Hadoop


The Duration: 5 Days


The Overview:


The purpose of this course is to teach participants tshoot Hadoop Systems and how to integrate with Map Reduce and Mango DB.


What You Will Learn:


-How to tshoot Hadoop

-Map Reduce

-Mango DB

The İntegration



Course  Index:


Module 1 Big Data

1.1 What is Big Data

1.2 The problems big data creates

1.3 How Hadoop solves these problem

1.4 Hadoop Architecture

1.5 The properties of Hadoop System

1.6 How Organizations are using Hadoop

Module 2 Hadoop and MapReduce

2.1 What is MapReduce

2.2 Discover how HDFS distributes data over multiple computers

2.3 How Map Reduce enables analyzing datasets in parallel across multiple machies

Module 3 How to write MapReduce Code

3.1 How to write MapReduce code

3.2 How to Write your own custom MapReduce code

Module 4 MapReduce Design Patterns

4.1 How to use common patterns for MapReduce programs

4.2 How to analyze data with common patterns with MapReduce programs

Module 5 Using Mango DB with Hadoop

5.1 What is Mango DB

5.2 How to install Mango DB

5.2 How to use Mango DB

5.3 What are the MangoDB products.

5.4 The properties of Mango DB

5.5 How to use Mango DB with Hadoop

Module 6 The Alternative solutions

6.1 Hadoop, YARN, and Spark

6.2 Mahout and MLib

6.3 The Alternate Frameworks

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