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LPPSS –  Learning Python v3.0 Programming for Security Solutions


Mandy Jackson


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The Course Name: LPPSS -  Learning Python v3.0 Programming for Security Solutions


The Duration: 5 Days


The Overview:


The purpose of this course is to teach participants programming knowledge for using in Security Solutions.


What You Will Learn:


Any network administrator or security analyst should leverage his or her skills by learning a programing language. Beside using ready-made tools you will have the power to create your own tools or automate tasks.

Why python? because it is a multi-purpose language you can use for anything you imagine. It is powerful. it is cross-platform and it is easy to learn and use.  In this 5 day training you will learn how to program with python under linux environment and use it to do upgrade your skills in networking and security.


The Course Index:


Day 1:

  • Linux Basics
  • History
  • Distributions
  • Installing Linux Working with Bash Streams
  • Basic file operations Useful commands Package management
  • Networking
  • Process Management

Day 2

  • Core Python
  • Python Basics Objects and Identifiers Control Statements
  • Lists and Tuple Dictionaries
  • Loops and Iteration Functions
  • File Handling
  • STDOUT and STDIN Python Modules

Day 3

  • Advanced Python
  • Exception Handling
  • List Comprehension Regular Expression
  • Log Analysis with python Working with binary data Command
  • Line arguments

Day 4

  • Network Programming
  • Socket Programming Reverse Shell
  • HTTP in python
  • Working with RESTful APIs Using SMTP

Day 5

  • Programming for Security
  • Cryptography in python
  • Sub processes and External Programs SSH in python
  • Packet forging Scapy
  • PCAP Parsing with Scapy
  • Port Scanning with Scapy
  • Host discovery with Scapy
  • tcpdump
  • ARP Poisoning with dsniff
  • DNS Spoofing with ethercap
  • DoS attack with hping3 v

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