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MENPI – Managing Enterprise Networks with Cisco Prime Infrastructure


Mandy Jackson


Architecture CISCO Cisco Prime Solutions

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The Course Name: MENPI - Managing Enterprise Networks with Cisco Prime Infrastructure


The Duration:5 Days


The Overview:


The purpose of this course is to provide participants Managing Enterprise Networks with Cisco Prime Infrastructure.


What You Will Learn:


This course provides network engineers and technicians with tools necessary to design, deploy, operate, and optimize enterprise networks with the Cisco Prime Infrastructure solution.


The Course Index:


Module 1: Cisco Prime Infrastructure Overview

Module 2: Inventory Management

Module 3: Map the Network

Module 4: Role-Based Access Control

Module 5: Configuration Management

Module 6: Compliance Management

Module 7: Services Management

Module 8: Monitor and Troubleshoot

Module 9: System Administration




Lab 1: Prime Infrastructure Installation Review

Lab 2: Prime Infrastructure CLI and GUI access

Lab 3: PI Server Configuration

Lab 4: Populate the network Inventory

Lab 5: Manage the Network Inventory

Lab 6: Manage PI Grouping

Lab 7: Manage Device Software Images

Lab 8: Manage Wireless Maps: static and generated

Lab 9: Manage Network Topology Maps

Lab 10: Create a Virtual Domain with a Domain Administrator

Lab 11: Manage Device Configuration archives

Lab 12: Manage Wired-Device Templates

Lab 13: Manage Wireless-Device Configurations

Discovery Lab 1: Provision Controller and Access Points with the Converged Access Workflow

Discovery Lab 2: Create Compliance Profiles, Run Audit Reports, and Fix non-compliant devices

Discovery Lab 3: Run PSIRT and EOx Reports

Lab 14: Manage AVC and QoS Service

Discovery Lab 4: Discover DMVPN Operational Status

Lab 15: Monitor Devices and Interfaces

Lab 16: Monitor the Wireless Network

Lab 17: Monitor Clients, Users, and Applications

Lab 18: Generate Reports

Discovery Lab 4: Use the cURL Utility to Retrieve Data with the PI Version 3.0 API

Lab 19: Configure Operations Center

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