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OSFU – OpenStack Fundamentals on Cisco UCS


Mandy Jackson


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The Course Name: OSFU - OpenStack Fundamentals on Cisco UCS


The Duration:3 Days


The Overview:


The purpose of this course is to provide participants understanding of OpenStack environment, how that environment integrates with the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) servers and how the two can work together for purposes of monitoring provisioning and orchestration.


What You Will Learn:


With the hands-on lab exercises provided, participants will be able to reinforce the objectives of deploying OpenStack environment and integrating it with the Cisco UCS.


The Course Index:



  • Cloud overview
  • Cloud definition
  • Cloud types
  • Cloud benefits
  • Cloud caveats

OpenStack overview

  • Overview
  • OpenStack Release Timeline
  • OpenStack Components

OpenStack Deployment and Orchestration

  • OpenStack Deployment Tools
  • OpenStack Orchestration




Installation of OpenStack controller  

  •      Openstack Architecture
  •      Horizon
  •      Keystone
  •      Nova
  •      Neutron
  •      Cinder
  •      Glance
  •      Swift
  •      Ceilometer
  •      Heat

Interacting with OpenStack components

  •      Horizon
  •      Keystone
  •      Nova
  •      Cinder
  •      Neutron
  •      Keystone
  •      Swift

Cisco UCS

  •      Cisco UCS overview
  •      Hardware
  •      Connectivity & Management
  •      Resource pools
  •      Service profiles
  •      Cisco UCS Accelerator Packs
  •      Overview
  •      UCS Accelerator Paks Benefits
  •      Accelerator Paks Configurations
  •      Solution Components
  •      Cisco UCS integration

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