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PSCD – Cisco Prime Service Catalog Developer Training


Mandy Jackson


Architecture CISCO Cisco Prime Solutions

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The Course Name: PSCD - Cisco Prime Service Catalog Developer Training


The Duration: 2 Days


The Overview:


The purpose of this course is to introduce participants to the advanced service design and development in the Cisco Prime Service Catalog.


What You Will Learn:


  •     How to describe Cisco Prime Service Catalog architecture and features
  •     How to describe integration possibilities and API features
  •     How to program with Cisco Prime Service Catalog using New Scale Application

     Programming Interface (nsAPI), remote application programming interface (RAPI)    Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP), and Service Link

  •     How to understand agents, adapters, and web service integrations
  •     How to design JavaScript portlets
  •     How to use interactive service forms and advanced scripting for service forms
  •     How to perform administration and troubleshooting tasks


The Course Index:

  •     The overview of Cisco Prime Service Catalog Integrations, API Features, and Scripting for Services
  •     Advanced Designing features Using Wizard Style and Grid Dictionaries
  •     Advanced Concepts: RESTful Web Service DRR, JavaScript
  •     Service Link Integrations Using Adapters, Agents and Transformations
  •     Portal Design



  •     Service Design Using Service Items and Standards
  •     Service Design Using Wizard-Based Forms
  •     Service Design Using Grid Dictionaries
  •     Advanced Service Design Using RESTful Web Service DRR, JavaScript
  •     File Adapter
  •     RAPI and nsAPI
  •     Portal Design Using HTML and JavaScript

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