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SWITCH – Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks v2.0


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Course Name: SWITCH - Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks v2.0


The Overview:


The purpose of this course is to teach participants how to plan, configure and verify the implementation of complex enterprise switching solutions using Cisco's Campus Enterprise Architecture.


Course Duration: 5 Days


What You Will Learn:


  •         How to analyze a campus network design
  •         How to implement VLANs in a network campus
  •         How to implement spanning tree
  •         How to implement interVLAN routing in a campus network
  •         How to implement high-availability technologies and techniques using multilayer switches in a campus environment
  •         How to implement security features in a switched network
  •         How to integrate WLANs into a campus network
  •         How to accommodate voice and video in campus networks


Course Index:


Basic Concepts and Network Design

  •         Analyzing Campus Network Structure
  •         Comparing Layer 2 and Multilayer Switches
  •         Using Cisco SDM Templates
  •         Implementing LLDP
  •         Implementing PoE

Campus Network Architecture

  •         Implementing VLANs and Trunks
  •         Introducing VTP
  •         Implementing DHCP
  •         Implementing DHCP for IPv6
  •         Configuring Layer 2 Port Aggregation

Spanning Tree Implementation

  •         Implementing RSTP
  •         Implementing STP Stability Mechanisms
  •         Implementing Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol

Configuring Inter-VLAN Routing

  •         Implementing Inter-VLAN Routing Using a Router
  •         Configuring a Switch to Route

Implementing High Availability Networks

  •         Configuring Network Time Protocol
  •         Implementing SNMP Version 3
  •         Implementing IP SLA
  •         Implementing Port Mirroring for Monitoring Support
  •         Verifying Switch Virtualization

First Hop Redundancy Implementation

  •         Configuring Layer 3 Redundancy with HSRP
  •         Configuring Layer 3 Redundancy with VRRP
  •         Configuring Layer 3 Redundancy with GLBP
  •         Configuring First Hop Redundancy for IPv6

Campus Network Security

  •         Implementing Port Security
  •         Implementing Storm Control
  •         Implementing Access to External Authentication
  •         Mitigating Spoofing Attacks
  •         Securing VLAN Trunks
  •         Configuring Private VLANs

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