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ICP Exam

ICP Exam

Cisco Instructor Certification Program (ICP) is intended for candidates who would like to become CCSI – Certified Cisco Systems Instructor. CCSI status ensures that its owner is certified to deliver authorized Cisco training courses. The ICP event examines the candidate’s capabilities and skills for interactive and engaging classroom teaching in a technical environment with hands-on technical laboratory exercises.

The event will be hosted by Fastlane Computer Consultancy an Authorized Cisco Learning Solutions Partner, and supervised by an approved ICP proctor. The ICP consists of two sessions over 3 days. The proctor will assess candidate abilities as defined by Cisco Systems and candidates must successfully achieve passes in both assessments to gain certification. After the ICP event, the ICP proctor sends all candidate results to the Cisco Instructor Certification and Development Team for validation. Upon validation, Cisco will send a Welcome CCSI email to the candidate and their associated Learning Partner containing their official CCSI number.


Preparation Day – Day One – ICP Overview Presentation

The ICP proctor explains to the candidates what Cisco Systems expects from the CCSI’s, the CCSI’s responsibilities and also delivers the ICP event overview presentation. The candidates will become familiar with the rules and conditions of the event, the ICP Agenda and the points scale and points reduction.

Exam Session 1 – Day Two – Technical assessment

Each candidate will be asked to complete a Certification Laboratory. Usually, the Lab test is performed on the first day of the ICP. ICP candidates must have the practical experience with all equipment (routers, switches, TFTP, etc) used in the ICND labs.

The candidate is expected to be familiar with the ICND lab setup and the student exercises.

Candidate needs to be fully experienced in the use of Cisco IOS. The candidates are required to perform configuration exercises from the ICND1 and ICND2 courses as well as the ability to recover from student configuration errors. Any materials, technologies or configurations presented or implied in the Official Cisco® ICND course and/or the CCNA® Career Certification may be subject to testing.

Exam Session 2 – Day Three – Presentation skills assessment

For the day of presentation, candidates should be prepared to teach any chapter from the ICND courses. Candidates will be asked to deliver two presentations. One presentation can be chosen by the candidate and can be delivered in candidate’s native language, the other will be selected by the ICP event proctor. The language for the second presentation is English only.

The proctor will assess candidate abilities in the following areas:

  • Performance at the whiteboard (chalk talk) based on course material
  • Maintaining instructional credibility
  • Managing the learning environment
  • Communicating effectively
  • Effective use of questions
  • Providing motivation and reinforcement
  • Providing clarification and feedback